Grand Rapids, Michigan
April 20-22, 2018

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THANK YOU for coming to Spokane for NCSA 2017!

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Dr. Earl Reum (1931-2010)
Founder of NAWD, inspiration for student leaders & advisors...

Visit our Earl Reum tribute site at www.EarlReum.com

Earl Reum: Speaker, Educator, Mentor

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Jim Finnemeyer
NAWD Executive Director

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What's In It For Your Students?

The more you learn about student activities and leadership training, the better it is for your students. Having a variety of ideas you can use for classes, conferences and camps makes it possible for you to do a better job, and create more meaningful activities for your students.

“I have attended over twenty NAWD conferences and have met the most fantastic people in the world! I have stolen ideas by the tons and utilized many, many projects in my work at the schools and at the District Office. This is one of the most incredible organizations on the face of the earth! Don't miss the opportunity to steal, oops, exchange the best there is to offer!”

Harry Bettencourt
Fremont Union High School District (retired) - Cupertino/Sunnyvale, California


“NAWD is that shot in the arm we need to motivate us. An adult forum in which to learn, laugh, and share new, really useful ideas...and make special friends with whom you meet year after year!"

Dianne Tattersall
Massachusetts Association of Student Councils
Executive Director and Student Council Advisor


“I look forward to the annual NAWD National Conference on Student Activities each December because I always get at least one new idea, a new slant on an old idea, and the inspiration to continue the good work of developing student leaders.”

Marty Fortin
Summer Leadership Camp Director Washington State


"NAWD gives me a chance to see and to do new things that I can use in my workshops and in my consulting business. So often activities you
read about in training books sound like they would not work. But at NAWD, you experience the activities and you know they can work."

John Namey
Executive Director - Ohio Association of Student Councils
Leadership Consultant of JN Consulting


"We try to send our workshop directors to the NAWD conference each year. The new ideas they pick up at this conference are invaluable for the continued improvement of our leadership camps in Wisconsin."


Roger Chambers
Wisconsin Association of Student Councils


"The NAWD National Conference on Student Activities is the first place we look for new speakers to use at our leadership camps."

Stu Shaffer
Past President, California Association of Directors of Activities


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