Grand Rapids, Michigan
April 20-22, 2018

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Dr. Earl Reum (1931-2010)
Founder of NAWD, inspiration for student leaders & advisors...

Visit our Earl Reum tribute site at www.EarlReum.com

Earl Reum: Speaker, Educator, Mentor

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Jim Finnemeyer
NAWD Executive Director

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What's In It For You?

It’s hard to find a place to get new ideas to teach student leadership, plan student activities, and get the motivation you need to do this demanding job. Here’s what some of our members have said about the ways NAWD has contributed to their professional and personal growth...

"I first attended NAWD looking for curriculum assistance for my Leadership Class and with my student council. I found it and more! I have been attending now for 30+ years and always come away from the conference invigorated and updated on new and exciting activities to use in leadership training. Since my beginnings with NAWD I have progressed through hosting a national conference for NASC, co-directing a leadership camp for NASC, becoming the executive director of the Southern Association of Student Councils, evolving into a keynote speaker and workshop consultant. None of that would have happened if I had not become a part of the network of NAWD. As an advisor if you truly believe in the promises of leadership, you belong as a member and active participant of NAWD. Join now and attend the winter conference held annually. You will grow in limitless ways and come to believe the power of becoming all you can be."

Patti Ireland
Executive Director, Southern Association of Student Councils
Retired Classroom Teacher


"As an organization, TASC is committed to the NAWD National Conference on Student Activities.  We send as state delegates, one or more advisors and consultants to the meeting each year so that we keep up with what others are doing. The interchange of activities, program elements like songs, mixers, etc., and the interaction with other committed adult leaders is invaluable to the Texas program. "

Eddie Bull
Executive Director (retired), Texas Association of Student Councils


"I have attended the annual NAWD National Conference on Student Activities for the past 25 years and have grown professionally because of this great affiliation with so many dedicated student leadership experts. The relationships I have established have enriched my life and strengthened my skills as an advisor and facilitator. The ideas I gain from NAWD I put to use on a regular basis in my daily work. NAWD is the best!"

Sandy Hillman
Assistant Principal - Center Grove HS, Greenwood, IN
Associate Director - Indiana Association of Student Councils


"I've been attending the NAWD National Conference on Student Activities for over twenty years, and no conference has helped me more as a teacher, presenter, workshop director, and person. The information and ideas you acquire and the contacts and friendships you make are worth a million dollars. To me, NAWD also stands for Never A Wasted Day!"

Andy Costanzo
Interboro High School
Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils


"To me, NAWD is the shining star of professional development. I look forward to the National Conference on Student Activities every year, because I know I'll come home with ideas galore, a dozen new friends from around the country, and a weekend of good-spirited sharing like no other. Once you try it, you'll be hooked!"


Nancy Moen
Executive Director - Oregon Association of Student Councils


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