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NA4SA is YOUR National Association for Student Activities!

Established in 1973 by Dr. Earl Reum as the National Association of Workshop Directors, today's NA4SA is truly a National Association for Student Activities - a professional association for ANYONE involved with or interested in Student Activities at the local, state or national level. We are - and serve - the "Advocates, Advisors, Administrators, and Allies" of Student Activities throughout North America...in other words...YOU!

Our members include current and retired Club and Activity Advisors, Student Activity Directors, School Administrators, State Student Council Executive Directors, Workshop Staff Members and Directors, Speakers and Consultants. We invite YOU to join the NA4SA Community, where you WILL find someone who shares the challenges you face as a Student Activity Professional - and in many cases has overcome them!


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A robust Student Activities program is a critical component to successful schools - and successful students! Research collected and shared by the Alliance for Student Activities clearly shows that students involved in at least one organized school Student Activity are MORE LIKELY to do well academically, have higher test scores, graduate, complete college and find career success. Furthermore, the research shows that students involved in at least one organized school Student Activity are LESS LIKELY to get involved with drugs, abuse alcohol, or drop out of high school. Student Activities are CRITICAL to keeping students ENGAGED in their school environment.

We believe that Student Activities is truly a PROFESSION, meaning that there is a body of knowledge including ideas, concepts, skills and activities that comprise a professional domain which is always growing just like the students we serve. With this core belief comes the realization that those of us involved in developing, advising, or administrating Student Activites are truly PROFESSIONALS, meaning that we always seek to expand our repertoire of ideas, concepts, skills and activities to become better at what we do for the students we serve. Therefore, the more you engage with your PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY, the more you develop as a Student Activity Professional and in your capacity to provide meaningful activities - and in many cases meaning itself - for your students.



As a Student Activity PROFESSIONAL (yes, that's what you are!), there are numerous frustrations and challenges you face that few others in your school or organization probably understand. It’s hard to find a place where you'll meet other professionals who deal with the same frustrations and challenges, and in many cases have overcome them. It's hard to find a place where you'll not only discover new ideas, concepts, skills and activities to bring back to your school or organization but have a great time doing it. It's hard to find a place where you'll get the necessary support and motivation YOU NEED to meet and conquer each of those frustrations and challenges that no one else seems to understand. NA4SA is ALL of those places, and once you join our Community you'll never want to leave!

Our newsletter (Reumors) along with other resources and materials are e-mailed periodically or maintained through this website, but the main association activity is our annual National Conference on Student Activities (NCSA), held each December, where hundreds of Student Activity professionals convene to network, exchange ideas, receive valuable training and have a lot of FUN doing it! We also sponsor a more intimate National Activity Advisors Clinic (NAAC) each year, at which you'll come away with ideas and activities to use the moment you step back into your school! Both of these events are rotated geographically, so that Student Activity Professionals from throughout the nation can join us and each other to expand our professional repertoires together.

There are no separate membership fees - when you register for our National Activity Advisors' Clinic (NAAC) or National Conference on Student Activities (NCSA), you're automatically a member of the NA4SA Community! If you are not already on our MailChimp distribution list, you can contact NA4SA Executive Director Lou Miller at lmiller@na4sa.org to get our regular updates - or just look for them in the "What's Happening Right Now" sidebar on our home page!



While it would be easy to create a brochure to tell you all the wonderful things about the association we thought it would be better to have some of your fellow Student Activity professionals share the benefits of actively participating in NA4SA, the ideas you'll get and how you'll grow professionally...


"Why NCSA? I've been a part of NCSA for 3 years now and the reason I joined in the first place was because I love serving student leaders.  [The members] of NA4SA are the people that serve and build student leaders every day and I wanted to be able to serve them too.  Advisors aren't just advisors, they are mentors, pseudo parents, life guides and friends to our student leaders.  If you love serving and sharing your gifts, you have to join!"

Lamarr Womble
Speaker, Life Coach, Podcast Host


"Why NCSA, and why should join NA4SA? It's easy: the people. Hands down, this community of educators and student activities gurus are top-notch. You immediately feel a part of something and walk away from every session, interaction, and conversation feeling like you learned something new or picked up a new idea or made a new friend. This is something I look forward to annually because I know it will give me that boost that I need to stay engaged and energized back at my school!"

Preston Hickert
Advisor & Coach - Heritage Middle School, Liberty MO


"NA4SA is for any passionate educator who believes that student activities are the cornerstone to a successful school community.  This organization brings together student activities leaders from across the country to share the latest and most effective strategies and programs to help make our school as strong as they possibly can.  As a high school principal, I find the resources to be incredible and the networking is outstanding.   NA4SA is a must for anyone who wants to have a strong and effective culture and climate within their school."

Paul Branagan
Principal - Middleborough High School, Middleborough MA
Executive Director - Massachusetts Association of Student Councils


"There are few places that a person that gets a thrill out of organizing activities with teenagers can come and feel at home. There are few places where you are encouraged to “C.A.S.E. – Copy and Steal EVERYTHING!” And there are few places where you genuinely feel that you are in a room full of people that want you to win. NA4SA is that place, and I am happy to call them family."

Lori L. Hayes

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