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Dr. Earl Reum (1931-2010)
Founder of NAWD, inspiration for student leaders & advisors...

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Earl Reum: Speaker, Educator, Mentor

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Jim Finnemeyer
NAWD Executive Director

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Why Should You Join Us?

Established in 1973 by Dr. Earl Reum, NAWD is a national professional association for school activity directors and those who are involved with state and regional leadership training. Newsletters and other materials are e-mailed to members periodically but the main association activity is an annual conference, held each December, where NAWD members meet to share information and exchange ideas.

While it would be easy to create a brochure to tell you all the wonderful things about the association, we thought it would be better to have some of our members tell you about the benefits of membership—in terms of both professional growth and the ideas you will get from belonging. Here’s what a few of them had to say...

“NAWD was founded by the 'Master Wizard of Student Leadership Training', Dr. Earl Reum, and the annual conference continues to be a learning experience worthy of having my whole staff attend. It is an opportunity to attend sessions designed for people just like ourselves - activities advisers, leadership workshop directors, staffers, and presenters. Our staff is always looking for new talent to staff our camps, speakers, and workshop presenters and the NAWD conference is one of the best places to find them. In many ways attending the NAWD conference each December is like a family reunion and there is plenty of holiday cheer in the air. I highly recommend the experience."

Rocco Marano
Director of Student Activities, NASSP (retired)


"NAWD is for everyone who cares about Student Activities.  Attend one NAWD conference and I guarantee that you'll make plans to participate the very next year. It's a group of wonderful people who reach out and make everyone feel welcome."

Bob Burton
Author, Spirit Works...Turn It On!


"I look forward to attending the NAWD National Conference on Student Activities every year because it's a wonderful opportunity to meet other people who are enthused about student leadership development. I always come home re-energized and enriched with new ideas after participating in a NAWD conference."

Lyn Fiscus
The Alliance for Student Activities
Former Editor, Leadership for Student Activities Magazine

How Can You Join Us?

NAWD membership is included in the fee for our annual National Conference on Student Activities (NCSA) that takes place each December. For more information on this signature event, CLICK HERE to view our conference page.

You can register online for the NCSA using the link provided in the left sidebar of any page on this website.

Want to Learn More About Us?

To learn more about how membership in NAWD and attendance at our annual National Conference on Student Activities can benefit you, please visit the links below for testimonials from some of our active members:


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