Grand Rapids, Michigan
April 20-22, 2018

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Dr. Earl Reum (1931-2010)
Founder of NAWD, inspiration for student leaders & advisors...

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Earl Reum: Speaker, Educator, Mentor

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Jim Finnemeyer
NAWD Executive Director

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What great ideas do you have?

This page is an online version of the Parade of Ideas, an important tradition that takes place during each General Session at our annual National Conference on Student Activities.

In the Parade Of Ideas, ANYONE can take the microphone and share with everyone a great idea or resource. Everyone gets their notepads out, because you never know who will be on the microphone during the Parade!

Do you have something to share with your fellow NAWD-ies? Send it to Jim Finnemeyer at finnemeyer@nawd.com or Lou Miller at lmiller@nawd.com and we'll post it here!

From April 2015 Reumors:

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From Lyn Fiscus:
If you need a poster and don't want to pay big prices, www.shortrunposters.com has 18 x 24 posters for only $2.00 (plus shipping). Send them a digital picture. Great for clubs, teams, or teacher gifts.

From David Cordts:
Visit www.simpletruths.com for some really neat motivational stuff.

From Sandy Ginger:
Support the troops by visiting www.LetsSayThanks.com - you can pick out a thank you card, Xerox will print it and send it to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. You can't pick out who will get it, but it will go to a member of the armed services...for FREE!

From Sue Rimmer:
If you need promotional items, staff appreciation gifts, or almost anything else, visit www.buyerzone.com. They will give you a quote, often from a local supplier (Sue got briefcases for her staff at a great saving) that can get what you need.

From Connie Miley:
A few books that are recommended...

  • "Hug Time", by Patrick McDonnell
  • "The Dot", by Peter H. Reynolds
  • "Russell and the Lost Treasure", by Rob Scotton

From Al LaFontaine:
Dress Provocatively! If the function of education and especially student leadership is to provoke thought, then do that by dressing provocatively. Wear clothes, especially t-shirts that provoke thought.  This becomes more powerful when your students know you will never wear a commercial shirt (if they want to advertise on my chest, they can pay me, not me pay them) Any shirt I wear at school has meaning to me - it represents something I have been a part of or something I believe in.  School shirts are OK, as are universities that I support, or causes I support. Nike, Adidas, etc are definitely not OK. Some examples...

  • When discussing the Russian Revolution, wear a shirt with the hammer & sickle - you will be amazed at how few students even recognize that symbol any longer.  But your colleagues will certainly wonder what you are up to when you walk down the hallway in that shirt.
  • A shirt that has an incredible design of Mother Teresa and Hitler on the front - that is enough to get anyone's attention.  But on the back, it says "We don't just need leaders...We need good leaders". This shirt provokes a lot of discussion
  • Teach 10, Touch 100. This goes from the standard "give a person a fish vs. teach a person to fish". Are you kidding - I wouldn't touch even 1!"
  • Eracism - makes you think.
  • I have a Cuba shirt with a large peace symbol on it - I wear this prior to teaching the Cuban takeover by Castro.
  • Hooray for Everything - this make people ask "can this really be true?"  Can we really say Hooray for Cancer? Start with Hooray for Everything, and then remove from there - you all start with 100% when you walk into my classroom, but then....

From Kelly Neiber:
Check out the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEdVfyt-mLw on You Tube. It's about breast cancer awareness, but the attitude of all the peope in the video and fun they were having reminded me of what people were saying at NAWD - have fun and do something different daily.  This applies!!  Anyhow, thought others may like it.

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